Our Mission: To Launch a Million New Private LTE Networks

Private LTE networks enabled by CBRS, OnGo, Multefire and other advanced networking solutions in the licensed and unlicensed spectrum promises to unleash a new wave of innovation for enterprises and governments. What is not as clear is how or where enterprise customers will understand fully the opportunity at hand. What are the use cases are for Private LTE networks? How to quantify the value and ROI of a network utilizing CBRS or another solution? Who are the early adopters and what have they learned from their experiences? Finally, how can senior level enterprise executives cut through the marketing hype to gain the necessary business and technology information that makes up the Private LTE business?

We know the value of Private LTE and we understand the opportunity for vendors and enterprises alike.

That’s why we created a unique roadshow of executive conferences focused solely on Private LTE. More personal and interactive than a webinar; more intimate and easy to reach than a national trade show; more effective for relationship building and education – the Private LTE for Enterprise conference series is designed to evangelize, inform and convert thousands of enterprise customers to invest in a prototype network over the next 24 months.

We encourage you to contact us to participate in, and contribute to, the discussion and interaction that will launch a new era in private LTE network services and innovation.

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iGR delivers complete, actionable results and insight to some of the largest wireless organizations. Our expert advice, analysis and recommendations assist executive management teams in making informed decision that contributes directly to the health of their organizations. Our tactical and disciplined research methodology is driven by our holistic market expertise coupled with our ability to deliver detailed analysis on any aspect of the wireless industry.

Iain Gillott
President, iGR

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